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Notary on Curacao

What is a notary?

A civil-law notary is an impartial official who is authorized to draw up authentic documents, also called notarial deeds. In these deeds agreements between parties, and the consequences of this, are officially recorded. A notary has been appointed by the king and has taken an official oath. In this oath he swears that he will perform his duties fairly, impartially and accurately, that he will comply with the law as punctually as possible and that he will observe strict confidentiality regarding the contents of the deeds drawn up by him. This legislation is laid down in the Notaries Act and is binding on all members and bodies affiliated with the Royal Dutch Notarial Association (KNB).

What does a notary do?

Notaries shall draw up documents, in particular in the following areas:

Person-and familyright:

  • Partnership conditions
  • Collaboration contracts
  • Divorce certificates
  • Testaments
  • Legislation declarations
  • Proxies of payment
  • Real estate law 
  • Mortgages
  • Auction taxes
  • Documents of delivery
  • Law of law
  • Founding Acts (from L.T.D’s, foundations and associations) Amendments to the articles of association
  • Deeds of transfer and issue of shares
  • Acts of legal merger

In addition to drafting and signing of official documents, notaries are also involved in conducting (legal) research. Furthermore, they see to it that all deeds, provided with date, are preserved and that a copy is made of them (also called ‘grosse’).


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